Terraria Dev Announces Successor: Terraria: Otherworld

[ Update: Monday, February 16th, 20:33 GMT ]

A post on the official Terraria forums details that Terraria: Otherworld is currently in development for PC and Mac. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions are currently being considered. A full website and community hub for the game is also planned to go live in the future, closer to Terraria: Otherworld’s launch. Both Re-Logic an Engine Software will be attending GDC from Wednesday, March 4th through to the end of the event on Friday, March 6th. Both developers will be showcasing Terraria: Otherworld at their booth, and they will be open for a Q&A session.

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Today, the original Terraria developer, Re-Logic, has unveiled its successor to the critically acclaimed sandbox survival game: Terraria: Otherworld. Engine Software, the developer behind the PlayStation 3, Xbox 30 and PlayStation Vita ports of Terraria, will be partnering up with Re-Logic to bring fans a new experience.

Terraria: Otherworld is promised to expand upon what Terraria is, such as exploring what could’ve have been added to the original title and as well as what new direction the gameplay might take. Terraria: Otherworld “represents a novel take on the Terraria experience,” describes the game’s official website.

While the game will be set in the Terraria universe, it’ll actually be taking place in an alternate dimension of Terraria. Players will be tasked with restoring the once-pristine world of Terraria to its former glory whilst staving off life-and-death situations with a corruptive malevolent force that has consumed the world.

What’s more is that Terraria: Otherworld will combine elements of sandbox gameplay with elements of both role-playing and strategy, according to the official website. “Terraria: Otherworld explores the Terraria experience in an innovative and unique way – providing a fresh approach to the “open world” genre.” Aside from its announcement, not much is currently known about the game, other than it is currently in a pre-Alpha state. Further details on Terraria: Otherworld are promised in the future. Both Re-Logic and Engine Software will be attending this year’s Game Developers Conference in San Francisco at Booth #2230. The game’s teaser trailer has been embedded below, along with some screenshots.

Terraria originally started its life on PC back in 2011, with Re-Logic at the lead. Over the next couple of years, the game branched out to other platforms with the IP being licensed to other developers, such as Engine Software for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 ports of the game. An Android version also saw the light of day, along with a PlayStation Vita port as well. In its near four-year run, Terraria has touched nearly every gaming platform. Gamers interested in speaking to the two developers at GDC may do so between Monday, March 2nd through to Friday, March 6th. However, it’s currently unknown which date and time Re-Logic and Engine Software will be attending. Further information on GDC can be found via its official website.