TinyBuild Releases First Divide By Sheep Trailer

TinyBuild Games has released the first trailer for their latest title, Divide By Sheep. This math-based puzzle challenges players to deliver the correct number of sheep by bouncing them across a pond and cutting them in half when necessary. This hilariously gruesome game won’t just feature the cute little sheep. Players will have to contend with wolves, bounce pigs out of the way and deal with the grim reaper. GDC and PAX East attendees will be able to play a version of Divide By Sheep in March 2015.

The game’s publisher, tinyBuild Games, was built around one unique prototype – No Time to Explain. It took the team two years to bring this new title to Steam. By the end of this long and arduous process the game’s developers were tired of the whole ordeal. They had lost any interest in creating new and exciting games. That changed, when they found SpeedRunners HD. It became the first indie game that they would publish. Today the team at tinyBuild Games has published around a dozen games on PC and mobile devices. Fans of indie titles are “going to be hearing a lot more from us in the next few years.”

The video game industry has been undergoing a radical transformation in the past few years due to the rise of indie games. This indie revolution has been attributed to the increasing ease of development and the rise of new digital distribution platforms. The newest iterations of established video game engines allow small teams and individuals to craft unique and exciting titles with ease. New platforms allow developers to reach a greater audience than ever before. One of those platforms is Steam. It is the premier digital storefront for PC games and has over 100 million registered users. One of the biggest platforms on mobile devices is the App Store with over 500 million active users. These platforms have made buying a game as simple as possible and allowed developers to show off their games to a worldwide audience. These platforms and the medium itself will continue to change and evolve. Exciting times are sure to be ahead for fans of interactive entertainment.