Nvidia Shield Tablet update causes display issues

The Nvidia Shield Tablet was treated to a new update this week, update 2.2, which brought on a few more GRID games, support for various high-performance chargers, performance enhancements and improvements to battery life when the tablet is idle. Overall, the Shield Tablet update is beneficial to users, but some of them have reported a serious issue that came as a consequence of updating.

A moderate number of those who installed the latest Shield Tablet update have started complaining about their displays being on the fritz, referring to a weird issue with color reproduction. Displays tend to distort colors and have color reproduction issues in general, but it’s not something many users encounter on a broad range of devices. Still, when this kind of issue surfaces, it suggests that the software has been somehow modified in a way in which impacts the devices’ abilities of color reproduction.

That’s what happened with the Shield Tablet update, as users report that bright colors like yellow, orange, red and pink aren’t having the color pay-off they did before installing the 2.2 update. According to these users, the colors look dull and washed out, black turning into brown and red turning into orange etc.

Android Police has reached out to Nvidia for comments, and sure enough the company replied that they have noticed the issue on a number of tablets: “We’re aware that some SHIELD tablet owners are noticing a change in screen colors after the most recent software update. We’re currently working on a fix and should have it available soon. Stay tuned.” 

If you’ve noticed this display bug after installing the 2.2 Shield Tablet update, you should sit tight because a fix seems to be on the way. It’s not a major issue, but it does stick out when using the tablet, which is kind of annoying. Even though the bug is of an aesthetic nature, it could suggest that there are a few underlying issues with the software. We hope Nvidia comes forward with a fix soon.