Oppo working on bezeless smartphone

Oppo, a Chinese smartphone famous for its Oppo R5, briefly the thinnest phone on the planet, is supposedly working on demolishing a new record: that of the bezeless smartphone. The race for creating bezeless smartphones got a new edge when Sharp launched the affordable Aquos Crystal last year and ever since, OEMs and users have been focusing more and more on achieving that bezeless look, but with less of a cumbersome design than seen on the Aquos Crystal.

New leaked images of a bezeless Oppo smartphones show off a device that has absolutely no bezels on the side, but boasts rather thick bezels on the top and bottom. They’re still thinner than on the iPhone 6 Plus, which means that Oppo might be onto something with this one. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer has been praised for its design, after launching many neat phones, including the rotating camera-touting Oppo N3. This time around, we’re pretty confident about this alleged bezeless Oppo phone, even though the leaked images cannot be trusted.

Oppo is apparently using new patented technology called special light guide structure, which is a panel that will be used on top of the display in order to achieve a truly bezeless appearance. Appearance is key in the previous sentence, as the technology does not allow the company to create a truly bezeless phone, instead only an illusion of one, which sits rather well with various users. In the patent that has surfaced online, the new technology with use refracted light in order to create the illusion of a bezeless display. The bezels are still going to be there, but they are going to be thinner than ever and invisible at the same time.

Although the images look pretty life-like, our advice would be to take them with a grain of salt nonetheless. GizChina is the source of these images, so you should check out their full gallery of the bezeless Oppo phone. Whether this phone is real or not will be revealed in time, and we’re hoping the company will come forward with an announcement in the next few weeks. Until then, we have the LG G4 to look forward to, which is just as exciting.