Steam Greenlight Spotlight: Little Devil Inside

Today’s Greenlight standout was Little Devil Inside, one of the most beautiful games that I have had the pleasure of seeing in recent memory. Little Devil Inside is an atmospheric action-rpg that throws you into a surreal yet familiar world where you must learn and survive in order to succeed. The design goals of the game definitely seem to be focusing on a more atmospheric, story-driven experience rather than being all about loot and killing as most action-rpgs are. While looting and killing is quite fun, it’s nice to see a developer making some small adjustments to the genre and putting a unique spin on the norm.

Little Devil Inside features a wonderfully crafted world as well as some amazing work on the textures. I really love the stylized look that they’ve put on the game, and I would consider it in my top ten game aesthetics of all time, which I should honestly get around to writing at some point, but that’s another story. Anyway, Little Devil Inside almost has no business being an action-rpg, as it really looks more like an emotional, atmospheric adventure title. However, once you see the trailer and realize how amazing the visuals pair with the fast action gameplay, it becomes clear that the two mix to create an intriguing and unique experience.

While Little Devil Inside will feature a mission-driven storyline, it will also encourage players to explore on their own in order to learn more about this surreal world that they find themselves in. With such a gorgeous aesthetic, I can see myself losing many hours wandering around the beautifully crafted environments that have been showcased thus far. The game will feature some hack-and-slash combat mechanics, which is to be expected of a game in this genre, as well as a survival mechanic which will force players to fight and explore to find the items that are necessary to keep your character alive. On top of this, there will also be equipment and items to buy and sell and vehicles which can be earned or purchased in order to assist you in traveling across long distances. Little Devil Inside is definitely looking like quite the ambitious project, and with so much focus on the visuals, there is always a nagging worry that there may be a lack of polished gameplay mechanics. However, I don’t jump to conclusions before I get my hands on a title, so until then, I will continue praising Little Devil Inside for its beautiful art and unique setting, which will hopefully make for a fantastic gaming experience.

If you are interested in learning more about the game, you can check Little Devil Inside out on Steam Greenlight, where you should definitely consider leaving a vote and some constructive feedback.