Hearthstone released for iPhone and Android

Blizzard’s popular card-battler, ‘Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft’ now fits in your pocket. Previously only available for virtually every other platform imaginable, Blizzard now brings all the tactical action to the small-screen. Get your ‘Handlock’ and ‘Freeze Mage’ decks in order, because Hearthstone is now on iPhone. The mobile version requires at least an iPhone 5 running iOS 5.1 or 4.0 on Android to run optimally. The download is roughly 743 mb.

The iTunes store may not update until later in the day, so click here if the store in your region hasn’t updated. Click here if you’re running on Android.

Way back in October 2014, and in a Hearthside Chat update Blizzard stated “it’s very important to us that the phone experience for Hearthstone is just as accessible as the tablet and PC versions.” This means that Blizzard wants to consolidate all of the information on the PC and tablet on to a smaller screen. Given that there’s a lot of critical information in an average Hearthstone game like numbers showing health for minions or text explaining what each card’s effect does – it’s not surprising that it almost took half a year for the mobile version to release. The mobile version of the game moves your hand to the corners of the screen, and uses enlarged numbers to show mana and minion health. It may seem jarring to Hearthstone vets, but the game features all of the sights and sounds from its big-brother version.

Finishing a mobile game of Hearthstone grants you a ‘Classic’ card pack. Hearthstone now features ‘Blackrock Mountain,’ a new single-player ‘adventure’ where you battle a series of computer-controlled opponents featuring 31 new cards for unlock or purchase. Hearthstone’s first adventure ‘Curse of Naxxaramas’ added 21 similarly themed cards, and a plethora of challenges – like using a Hunter deck that only featured ‘Webspinners.’ The biggest update so far is the ‘Goblins vs Gnomes’ expansion that added over 123 cards.