Better ranking: get your mobile friendly on

Starting tomorrow, Google will introduce its new ranking system for websites that use Google and Google News to get around the internet. Google had announced last month that ranking in search results will be more heavily influenced by the degree of mobile-friendliness of websites, if that makes any sense. Ranking in search results is important for many website owners, as smaller companies rely heavily on ads and traffic for revenue.

If up until now it depended on the website owner whether it wanted to be mobile friendly and thus attract more fans and viewers to their site, from now on Google lists being mobile friendly as a requirement to rank well. Since the number of people using their phones, tablets and watches to browse the news and the internet in general, Google is taking steps to make the web more friendly for these users, by influencing their ranking algorithms.

Starting tomorrow, websites that are mobile-friendly will benefit from much better ranking than those that are not mobile-friendly. Naturally, this is not just a move to please more mobile users, but also a move to make advertisements, the main source of revenue for online content providers, more visible and more easily accessible to site visitors. Search rankings will now prioritize mobile friendly websites and rocket them to the top of search results, going into effect tomorrow.

Those of you who feel that your website is not mobile-friendly should check in with Google guidelines on how to get your site into those rankings by following some steps and tutorials on how to turn a standard website into a mobile-friendly website. You can check if your site is mobile friendly with this test from Google. Hopefully, these new ranking rules will influence website admins to keep their sites friendly to all types of users and win back investments they might have put into making their sites actually mobile-friendly.