Re:Activ Designs: Performance Apparel for Gamers

While I was at the East Coast Game Conference a few weeks ago, I was walking the expo floor and looking at the various vendors that had booths at the event. As the event typically caters more to game developers, I was very interested to see a booth for Re:Activ Designs, which is a company that focuses on creating performance apparel for eSports use. My intrigue led me to inquire further about the product, and I was surprised to find not only a team of extremely knowledgeable and professional young guys, but a product that was both innovative and backed by scientific research and clinical studies.

Re:Activ Designs partners with Kymira, which is the company that has created the fabrics that are used in Re:Activ’s gear. The simple explanation of the science behind Kymira’s patented KYnergy fabric is that it takes the energy that your body loses (which can be up to 60% in some cases) and uses infrared technology to trap and harness the energy that would otherwise be going to waste. The fabric provides long-term comfort as well as increased blood flow to keep you primed and ready to defeat any opponent in any game, and at any time. For a more in-depth explanation of the science, check out Re:Activ Designs’ Kickstarter, as well as Kymira’s website and read up on the extremely interesting and amazing technology that is behind this fabric.

Many of you may be wondering what Re:Activ Designs’ performance wear has to do with eSports, and gaming in general. The answer to this is that the energy-recycling properties of the fabric can help with many ailments that hardcore gamers have. We’ve all been there when we are in the middle of a serious match, and all of a sudden our hands are freezing and can no longer react as quickly, which then degrades our performance in the game and may even cause a costly defeat. We’ve also been on the opposite end of the spectrum, where our hands are perspiring profusely and we cannot keep a good grip on our controllers or mice, which definitely makes a huge difference in performance. When it comes to eSports, every little advantage makes all the difference, and it is important to recognize this and do all that you can to gain that competitive edge.

Re:Activ Designs’ apparel is not only great at improving performance, but it is also stylish and comfortable to wear. The guys at Re:Activ Designs strive to make a change in the stereotypical image of what we see when we think of a gamer. Gamers can be healthy, intelligent, and athletic individuals, and all of these things assist us in becoming the best at whatever game we choose to play. I highly recommend that if you spend a lot of time in front of your computer, or console, that you check out what Re:Activ Designs has to offer. Their gear will help you gain that competitive edge as well as just providing a more comfortable gaming experience. If this sounds like something that you would be interested in, be sure to check out Re:Activ Designs’ Kickstarter, and consider making a contribution to support not only the gear, but the message behind the product as well. Professional gamers pour their heart and soul into their careers just as much as anyone else, so why shouldn’t they have access to performance gear just as athletes do? I look forward to seeing Re:Activ Designs sponsoring major eSports teams and events in the near future, and every contribution will help to bring them closer to their goal.