Telltale and Marvel Teaming Up

It’s time to put The Walking Dead and Legos away Telltale has announced a partnership with Marvel to create a games that capture Marvel’s brand of epic and heroic characters. Knowing Telltale’s brand of gaming, will players be seeing something similar to Game of ThronesWolf Amongst Us, or their future project Minecraft?

The partnership was announced at an event in San Francisco. What the event was is unknown. Even on their website, little was given as to why Telltale and Marvel were suddenly working together. It’s a little coincidental that this development comes out before the next Avengers movie. Should players be expecting an easter egg to pop up in the film in relation to this project? Even future Marvel movies?

According to Polygon, “Marvel is about storytelling,” said Marvel’s Peter Phillips. He’s the executive vice president and general manager for interactive and digital distributions. The game hasn’t been specified for a platform. But as players know, Telltale has been known to make games for all platforms. At the same time, Marvel, and Telltale, haven’t disclosed any additional details concerning the project.

However, Marvel Games creative director Bill Roseman talked about the future of Marvel’s games. In, the Polygon article, he describes how he wants a well-crafted experience for Marvel fans. After all, the Marvel brand of story-telling has evolved in the comics, and on the big screen. Why not in video-games too?

It’s great to see that Telltale is versatile in its story telling. They have delivered games that surprised and even involved players in the lives of their characters. For Telltale to do a strictly story-based Marvel game would be something of a sight to see. While a release date has yet to be announced, the two mentioned that the game would be coming around in 2017. Until then, keep an eye out on the Internet because more details are sure to come.