WYX Remix Android Smartphone Dock Ready to Ship In July

Looking for a Android smartphone dock that is decked out in high end features?  Well lucky for you this might be your last stop in your shopping adventure.  Shenzhen Weiyixun Technology (or SWT) released the successor to the WYX Android Dock, the new and improved WYX Remix Android Dock.  Not much of a change in name but definitely a change in features.  Jonathan Bresson addressed the original WYX as a learned from failure in providing what the average Android consumer is looking for in a docking system.  He then went on to say that with the addition of a new member on the SWT team they have made the new and improved Remix edition, but does it deliver?

Let’s talk features.  The XYW Remix Android Dock device can charge up to 3 devices, one coming from the dock itself and two from the usb ports on the side of the XYW.  The dock has two batteries inside with a capacity of 5200mah which is pretty impressive.    The USB ports have many functions such as being able to connect a full wireless keyboard and mouse, transforming your smartphone into a functioning laptop.  The XYW also has an HDMI port so that you can connect your smartphone into your HDTV to play candy crush on your big screen, or just browse your photos on either an Android or Iphone device.  Of course the HDMI port makes it possible to watch movies or Tv Shows from your phone to your TV in full 1080p.  What I found fairly nifty (yes I still say nifty) is the flexible base that you connect the smartphone to.  It makes it so that any bumps or knocks doesn’t topple the dock over completely much like a stiff base would be prone to do.

The design is a slick smooth plastic material and the hole for the dock looks grooved and comfortable for a phone to lounge in.  The dock comes in both white and black but might come in other colors down the line.  The kickstarter for the XYW started in April and they reached their goal of $10,000 just recently.  The kickstarter is still running for a few more days and there are many benefits to backing.  If you back the kickstarter at only $46 you will receive a XYW when they complete production.  The estimated delivery date would be July of this year.  You can check out their kickstarter here, along with all the backing options and information on the dock that might not have been mentioned in this article.

Does the XYW sound appealing to you?  Let us know in the comment section below!

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