Spotify Makes Huge Changes – Videos And Podcasts Coming

Spotify has been a blessing to those who want vast collections of music at their fingertips. After being one of the primary internet music streaming services for seven years, the company has announced that it intends to be much more than just a music platform. Bringing mood-based playlists, podcasts, news, and video to the mix, Spotify has begun branding this movement as “The most entertaining Spotify ever.”

First off, Spotify is introducing what they call the “Now start page,” which they’re bringing in to combat Spotify’s chief problem – too many options. With their huge library of music, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and have no idea what to listen to. With this new feature, Spotify can tailor its music selection to your mood – still taking into account the music that you’ve liked in the past. Along with this, they’re adding the “Running” feature, using the sensors in your mobile device to detect how fast you’re going, and picking out music with a BPM that matches your pace. Spotify will also be adding original tracks, starting off with six songs found within Spotify Running.

Spotify will also be adding the ability to watch video and listen to podcasts. This is a huge win for the app, and gives those who like conversational media more than music a lot more incentive to try Spotify out in lieu of the plain podcast apps on the market now. Video clips will be taken from television networks like ABC, BBC, and Comedy Central (not unlike Snapchat’s TV functionality), and also taking from internet sources such as Vice News, TED, and Maker Studios.

This is nothing short of a revolution for the streaming service, and if executed properly, will get a whole lot more people to start using the app. As someone who listens to podcasts frequently, I’m more than excited to see my Spotify subscription be put to more use. That being said, the video functionality seems just as unnecessary and distracting as it is in Snapchat. If we were inclined to watch Comedy Central, we would go to their website to do so. Unless they decide to put these clips in playlists (that’s a free idea for you, Spotify. Go for it.) I don’t see any sort of success coming to it.

The update is out now for iPhone users in the UK, US, Germany, and Sweden (the Running feature being available globally, however). More platforms and regions will be arriving soon.