Have You Seen The New Overwatch Gameplay Trailers Yet?

Over the past couple of days new gameplay trailers have been released for Overwatch on Blizzard’s Overwatch EU YouTube channel. The new trailers depict actual in game footage of several different playable characters from the game. All of the trailers are unedited running at 1080p with 60fps on a PC. Obviously the potential is there if your PC is able to handle the system requirements. There is no news as of yet on whether Overwatch will be coming to console, but there is always hope for those that prefer a controller considering Diablo 3 made the switch.

Hanzo is a ranged fighter with a bow and arrow and the ability to scale walls at will. He seems to have awesome sniping capabilities for anyone that prefers that style of play.

Mercy looks like your typical support character with a channeled heal ability to buff whoever she pairs up with. Unlike Hanzo she appears to have the ability to glide about the battlefield.

McCree is a pistol toting cowboy gunslinger. He seems to fill a similar role to Hanzo, but seems to be a bit more comfortable in the middle of the fray.

As you can see, Overwatch will be Blizzard’s attempt at an FPS and will be their first new IP in over a decade. Players will battle as heroes across futuristic locations on earth; the two listed so far on the official site are Gibraltar, the temple of Anubis, and King’s Row. It was stated in a QA with the developers that Overwatch is designed to be accessible for anyone that simply wishes to pick it up; however, much like many of Blizzard’s games, Overwatch is also designed to be complex enough to entertain any experienced FPS gamers.

Official details for anyone hoping to get their hands on Blizzard’s new game are still a little vague. Blizzard has yet to announce how they will be monetizing the game, or whether it will be free to play. Overwatch is still currently in Beta, with only a rumored release date for sometime later this year.