Steam Summer Sale Date Has Been Leaked

It seems like it’s that time of year again, almost. Summer is just around the corner and for PC gamers that means Steam’s Summer Sale is on its way. Good news for gamers, bad news for wallets. In case you missed it, IGN Russia discovered what may have been an accidental post on Steam’s behalf announcing the sale’s date. It appears as though the Summer Sale is set to hit the Steam store on June 11 and continue until June 20. After this, the sale will be followed by two more days of encore sales offering the best offers one last time just in case you missed them. The last two days look to be timed to arrive on the very first official days of Summer.

The more recent sales have included various contests that reward people with prizes while also allowing them to collect cards or tokens. It’s unclear if this will be returning, but considering their heavy use in the last few sales I can’t see why they wont. But, what you should be expecting is hundreds of dollars in game savings. So consider this as a little bit of a heads-up so you can prepare before hand. You’ve got just under two weeks to save what you can for the Steam Summer Sale, or just as long to find a decent place to hide all of your credit cards until the sale ends.






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