Hearthstone Teases New Game Mode

We’ve all dumped way too many hours into Hearthstone – and how couldn’t we? With excellent mechanics, a pleasant user experience, and fun game modes in constructed and draft, it’s a card game worth spending ridiculous amounts of time in. If all that wasn’t enough for you, however, Hearthstone’s official twitter just teased a new way to play.

While it doesn’t tell us what Hearthstone’s new game mode is, or even explicitly that it’s a new game mode at all, it can definitely be assumed. The teaser on Hearthstone’s Twitter simple shows the mysterious vacant fourth space in Hearthstone’s main menu beginning to reveal itself as a blank tile. As to what this is going to be, your guess is as good as mine – but there are some assumptions that we could make.

Back in January, Tae Kim from Yahoo published some information from an Activision “insider,” who claimed that Team 5 (The Hearthstone developers in Blizzard) was working on a 2v2 cooperative PvP game type for Hearthstone. While we can’t be sure if this is accurate (there were some accurate and inaccurate numbers in that piece, so it’s not totally reliable), it’s certainly not out of the question, and I can’t think of anything else that this new Hearthstone game mode could be. While Blizzard may throw us a curve-ball and show us something totally different, I wouldn’t be surprised if they showed off this 2v2 game mode.

Now, if it were any other company making Hearthstone, I would call for us to just wait until E3 to get the announcement for this in its entirety. However, Blizzard isn’t coming to E3, nor has it in the past, as it prefers to stick to its own convention to make announcements. I seriously doubt that we could see them wait for Blizzcon to make this announcement, so does this tease mean that we’ll see them reveal Hearthstone’s new game mode parallel to E3?

Blizzard’s refusal to stick to the reveal venues of the rest of the industry makes this a tough thing to try and predict, and I’m afraid that all we can do is wait and see what they decide to do. Whether it’s a 2v2 game mode, or something completely different, you can expect it to be something interesting. Blizzard loves to take advantage of the fact that Hearthstone is a digital card game and not a physical one, so there’s sure to be something crazy going on.