Google Chrome will use less battery on Macs

Google Chrome is a very fast and stable web browser. In a recent statistic, it was even said that it takes up %51 of all web browser usage. Google Chrome is the most popular browser on all other internet devices except for the iPad, where Safari is preinstalled. Here is where an issue comes in. While Google Chrome has proven itself thoroughly since its release, there is still a small debate for Mac users between it and Safari. One of the main complaints about Google Chrome from Mac users is that is eats up way too much battery. Now Google intends to do something about it.

Google employee Peter Kastings took to Google+ to share some of the changes they will be making to help use less battery. One adjustment simply has background tabs get a lower priority than foreground tabs. Previous to this background and foreground tabs both had the same priority, leading to more idle wakeups. Some tests were also done showing that doing a Google search on Safari used significantly less CPU to get the same search results from Google on Google Chrome. Timer firings have been corrected so as these two are now on par. More tests like these have been done using the two web browsers on popular websites, including Amazon.

This reconstruction should now lead to Google Chrome taking up less battery for Mac users. As Peter Kastings said, “The Chrome team has no intention of sitting idly by (pun intended) when our users are suffering. You should expect us to continually improve in this area.”


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