Sonder developing an infinitely customizable keyboard

Sonder Design is by no means a household name in the technological world. In fact, I have never heard of them at all. All of that could change, however, if their newest keyboard concept should come to fruition. Imagine you could make a customizable keyboard for your every day typing, straying away from the QWERTY setup if you like. Then imagine you could make a customizable keyboard for when you play a PC game. Then another keyboard for using PhotoShop. Now picture all these wonderful devices and thousands more customized just for you, all in one.

Through E-Ink technology, anything you want can be programmed to display on the keys in front of you. Macros and shortcuts for anything you want can be saved onto the Sonder library and cloud. If you think one of your keyboard settings is perfect for a specific purpose, you can even share your settings with others in the Sonder community. Whether you have a Mac or a PC, the Sonder keyboard will connect wirelessly through Bluetooth.

While this is only just a concept at the moment, Sonder obviously has something amazing on their hands. You can show some support for the creation of the keyboard yourself by preordering one for $199. Gizmodo also reported that the company has plans to launch a Kickstarter later this year as well. If and when that should come about, you’ll be able to help the concept come to life there by becoming a backer. Fingers crossed that we see the Sonder keyboard be a thing of reality soon.