Rainbow 6: Siege at E3

Yet another gameplay trailer has been shown for Rainbow 6: Siege in Microsoft’s press event, showing off a scenario where you can play as the French counter terrorism unit, the GIGN, in their attempts to disarm a container of gas on a parked airplane on a tarmac. Not unlike the E3 2014 showing, various gadgets are employed including drones, deployable cover, and breaching charges. At the end of the trailer, it is announced that Rainbow 6: Siege will release on October 13, 2015, and thanks to the Xbox One’s backward compatibility functions, will come with both Rainbow 6: Vegas and Rainbow 6: Vegas 2 for free.

For Ubisoft’s press conference, more information on the backstory is revealed (even if it is rather cliched): a terrorist group that is willing to strike at any target is to be taken down, and you get to bring elite counter terrorism operators from around the world to fill up the roster of your team under the Rainbow unit.

Furthermore, the Terrorist Hunt gametype is confirmed to return, capable of being played solo or with your friends. In yet another nod to history, the Terrorist Hunt map debuted was a French embassy that has been taken by terrorists, including suicide bombers. Similar to the competitive multiplayer aspect, walls can be destroyed, and your enemies can utilize the destructible environment to flank you as well. There are 4 gametypes for Terrorist Hunt, one of which has Rainbow defuse a bomb, in addition to a classic elimination mode. A beta will be released on September 24, featuring every mode and map shown to date.

During Rooster Teeth’s 3rd day of E3 coverage, further details were revealed about the Terrorist Hunt gametype and environmental destruction. The Terrorist Hunt gametype starts off with a class select screen and a spawn point selector screen, which lets you be more tactical with how you can approach the map. Each map will have “siege generator” mechanic which is intended to make each match unique, where the enemies will not only react differently depending on how your team approaches the mission, but they will also attempt to breach rooms to get to your team whenever possible. As a result, there is virtually no safe place on the map as any and every surface can be breached. Bookcases, closets, ceilings, floors, all of them can be destroyed to get to another person which is intended to discourage camping in competitive gametypes.