Highlights from Rooster Teeth’s Extra Life recruitment stream

Every year, people from all around the world watch their favorite gaming personalities as they go on grueling 24 hour streams to raise money for children’s hospitals as part of Extra Life. One of the most prominent teams to participate in the charity event is Rooster Teeth, whose annual Extra Life stream has broken records and ruined various food products, all for the kids. In preparation for their upcoming Extra Life stream on November 7th, Rooster Teeth held a recruitment stream to raise awareness for Extra Life and to recruit more people onto their team. Instructions on how to join Rooster Teeth’s Extra Life team can be found here. 

This year, Rooster Teeth is aiming for $500,000 in donations. A notable donation goal will be reached at $300,000 (not including poster sales) at which point Jack will shave his beard, not only for the kids, but also so that the rest of the company can make fun of him, according to Miles. Some ideas that were tossed around as to what was to be done with the remnants of Jack’s beard included giving it to someone else in the company to wear.

Without further ado, here are some highlights from Rooster Teeth’s Extra Life recruitment stream.

Gavin attempts to break Jeremy’s back while demonstrating his ability to do sit ups


Barbara somehow ends up in a carpet burrito


Miles, Cole, and Blaine represent Rooster Teeth in Rocket League. Unfortunately, Cole scores on his own goal in overtime and loses a match that was tied at 1-1


Miles and Co. move onto Spelunky. Cole dies within 5 minutes and Blaine gets killed by a spider soon after


Kyle, Chris, Blaine listen intently to Mile’s tales of going to gay stripper bars in NY and seeing singing strippers in drag and a stripper who bears an uncanny resemblance to Jon Risinger


The stream plays a game of Werewolf in the town of Jack’s Beard, USA. As is tradition, Kyle dies immediately


A glimpse of Rooster Teeth’s upcoming Extra Life exclusive poster


Jack jumps into a game of Rocket League with Jon Risinger and Tim, an editor for RvB and RWBY


Blaine tells tales of paddleboards, strange lights while driving, and potential alien encounters


The stream ends with Rock Band 4 with Caiti and Jack Patillo, Miles Luna, and Jon Risinger…


…featuring Blaine Gibson…


…Kyle Taylor…


…and Cole Gallian

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