Shadow Warrior 2 Collector’s Edition

Collector’s editions of games is a concept that has risen in popularity quite a bit. You don’t have to look far to find an example of a game offering one. There’s quite a few that come out on a yearly basis, usually for AAA games.  Not all of them though. Shadow Warrior 2 is joining the ranks of these such games, with its own collector’s edition. The Special Reserve Collector’s Edition, an oddly named edition that reflects the goofy nature of the game.

The Special Reserve Collector’s Edition is a very limited affair, as only 5,000 copies of it are available. Fans of the series who go out of their way to get it will receive quite a bit for their troubles. First and foremost, it comes with all of the previous Shadow Warrior games. The Classic Shadow Warrior and the 2013 Shadow Warrior are bundled with Shadow Warrior 2. After that, the Special Reserve Collector’s Edition also comes with the soundtrack, special stickers, and a lengthy artbook. One that is nearly a hundred pages long. As a neat little touch, each separate copy of the edition comes with a blood splatter printed on the case. No two blood splatters on each of the 5,000 copies are the same, every last one is unique.

As one might imagine from something that provides so much, the Special Reserve Collector’s Edition is fairly expensive. Each one will cost a grand total of $59.99. While many AAA games go for that price, Shadow Warrior 2 did not. It, and the 2013 Shadow Warrior, were sold at the much lower price of $39.99, making the new price quite a step up. There is, however, leniency for fans who have already bought Shadow Warrior 2. The price will be reduced to $19.99 for those buyers, subtracting what they already paid from the $59.99 price tag. It will also be reduced a further ten dollars if they bought the digital deluxe edition