Upgrading to PlayStation 4 Pro: Why it is better than the PS4

Owning a PlayStation 4 is great, even after three years from its release. It is a more than capable gaming console with a number of good features. However, owning a PlayStation 4 Pro is even better. Even though it is not totally different from its predecessor, the Pro comes with some new features and specs that make the gaming experience more thrilling. Not every PS4 user will be convinced that they need to upgrade, but those who choose to do this will definitely not regret their choice.

Firstly, the PS4 Pro offers 4K support. Of course, if you don’t own a 4K TV, this particular feature will not impress you. But if you do, the 4K resolution will most likely delight your eyes when playing your favorite games. Every detail of the game will become visible, ensuring a terrific gaming experience. For those who don’t own a 4K TV, there still is some good news. They might not be able to enjoy the 4K support of the PlayStation 4 Pro, but they will surely notice the difference brought to them with the supersampling method used by the PS4 Pro. Images are downscaled to perfectly match the screen they are displayed on. This way, even those who can’t benefit from a 4K display can get better quality images for their games.

Another great thing about the Pro model is that it comes with a whole lot of power in plus compared to the original PS4. And when we say a lot more, we mean more than the double of the processing power of the PS4. This translates into a higher frame rate and an incomparably smoother gaming experience. Remote Play and Share Play also get a boost with the new PlayStation 4 Pro. Both features go from 720p resolution to Full HD. In addition to this, users can also capture images in 4K when using Share Play with the Pro.

Of course, the PlayStation VR experience is also totally different when it is used with the Pro. Even though the headset can be used with the original PS4 also, the experience it offers when connected to the Pro is definitely more amazing. When playing games in virtual reality, images are a lot clearer, making it easier to read small texts, notice small details and get a more immersive experience overall.

These are the main features that differentiate the PlayStation 4 Pro from the original PS4. Even though these might not prove to be enough for all gamers, there certainly are people who won’t give it a second thought and go for the upgrade to the Pro. The new console is available starting November 10, so if you are convinced that the Pro is the one for you, you can purchase it for around $400.