Salvaged Released on Steam

In a lot of ways, virtual reality is the new wild, untamed frontier of gaming. It’s the current hot topic that everyone seems to be talking about when it comes to innovating in gaming. It is also, however, an area that is risky to settle, and may not necessarily pay off. Last generation, motion controls seemed like the future of gaming, something that hardly proved to be true. Too many motion control games simply felt like incomplete proof of concepts, and the novelty eventually wore off. VR will have to do quite a bit to ensure it has staying power. One brave development team has taken that plunge, and released their VR game on steam. Salvaged, developed Opposable Games, has been released on Steam’s Early Access.

Salvaged is a science-fiction game set in the distant future. As the name would suggest, you take control over a team of salvagers, specifically, their commander. Gameplay consists of squads of four boarding derelict ships while the player commands them from a control point. With live feeds from their helmets, the player must order the squad through the ship. Making sure that they find their salvage, and guiding them against alien threats. All of this being interwoven into 20 levels and a lore filled storyline.

It’s easy to tell where VR comes into Salvaged. The game will mainly be viewed from the perspective of the commander working at a terminal. This, combined with the camera feeds from the squad, will focus on giving the player an immersive experience. Opposable Games are not, however, limiting Salvaged to players who have access to VR headsets. The VR mechanics can easily be disabled in order for a more traditional style of play. This way, they do not limit their audience. A wise move that other VR games might benefit from studying and taking after.

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