How Hitman is About to Conquer Yet Another Medium

Considering it centres around a cold, ruthless assassin (and a clone of one at that), the Hitman games have shown to have serious legs as the franchise has gone from a fairly humble console and PC game by a Danish development company to a massive brand that hasn’t only conquered every device imaginable but has blasted its way into books and movies (plural) too. The past two years alone have seen the release of the latest game – simply titled Hitman – for consoles and PC alike and a sequel film, entitled Hitman: Agent 47.

It was only a matter of time, then, that Hitman made the leap to the equally massive world of online casino games – which happened way back in 2007, in fact. Well before the original “stealth game” made the jump to turn-based mobile gaming (Hitman Go) and again being reincarnated on that platform as a first-person sniper game (Hitman: Sniper), Hitman: The Video Slot Game, which you can play at, was paving the way in the massive and burgeoning world of online casino gaming.

Combining traditional video slots gameplay with a bonus game that draws on the gaming engine of the original series and graphics, music and sound effects that immediately recall the franchise’s rich mythology, Hitman is an online casino game with a difference. Not only will it undoubtedly provide some variety for old-fashioned digital-gambling fans, it offers an entirely new avenue for Hitman fanboys (and girls) to dive into. Head on over to to check it and other games like it out.

Developed by the software wizards at Microgaming –  who presumably don’t have to worry about something like LTG free uTorrent download, the Hitman slot game was one of the first of its kind: a slot machine that drew on an existing video game franchise to further bolster its gameplay, while providing a moody, immersive experience thanks to its already highly atmospheric aesthetics. The worlds of video games and online casino gaming have collided a number of times since but, in many ways, the Hitman video slot game has simply never been bettered.

Based on a 5-reel, fifteen-payout-line setup, Hitman has all that you could want out of a slots game, including scatters, wilds and free spins in a game with a high payout percentage but, hardcore Hitman fans will undoubtedly be most interested in the HD triology premiuim edition game which can be found at as well as the slot’s Contract Bonus Game, which is played on a separate screen and offers a different kind of ways for their favourite contract killer to bring in the dough.

It’s undoubtedly, a rather different game from the kind which Hitman fans are used to but kudos must go to the fine folks at Microgaming for creating something that appeals to both Hitman fans and casual slot-gamers alike with both feeling right at home in no time in a game that truly offers the best of both worlds. Whether you’re looking for high payouts, addictive gameplay or a truly unique but recognizable theme, Hitman has you more than covered.

It’s amazing, but here we are: nearly a decade on and the Hitman video slot game remains as popular as ever. But, then, what else would you expect from something with the Hitman name attached to it?