Drunk or Dead VR Game Enters Greenlight

VR is a very experimental platform at the moment. It’s freshly broken ground, and not a lot of developers seem to know what to do with it. Plenty of attempts have been made at charting this new frontier, with mixed results. Some games are built from the ground up for VR, while others feature VR as an optional peripheral. A recently announced game, Drunk or Dead, has taken the former approach.

Drunk or Dead is an odd concept, combining drinking with the zombie apocalypse. It combines the classic gameplay of shooting zombies with the game’s main selling point, getting drunk. While sober, the player can aim more accurately, while drunk, the player has more time and gets more points. The drawback to being drunk being, naturally, that you can’t aim very well. Players will naturally sober up and must keep pounding beers, but not too many. There’s a catch, if you become fully sober or fully drunk, you die. In other words, Drunk or Dead expects you to constantly remain tipsy and pull off headshot on zombies. No pressure.

Drunk or Dead has a very interesting, and short, development history. It was created by a combination of eight different indie teams in just 48 hours. It was done over the holidays, in what is described as a “nonstop Christmas VR game jam.” While the core game is done, the developers have expressed their desire to keep working on it. As one might expect, a game isn’t fully completed after just 48 hours of development. It still needs to be polished, something that the developers are more than willing to do. They do not seem to think that it will take a long time however, as they plan to release the Drunk or Dead on January 10th. If it manages to gain traction on Steam Greenlight, that’s when you’ll see it.

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