Mass Effect Andromeda Lacks Season Pass

Season passes are something that is highly divisive among gamers. Some enjoy them, as it earns them all of the DLC for a game at a reduced price. Others sneer at the concept, seeing them as asking for money when a product hasn’t proven itself yet. For better or for worse, season passes have become a staple of the AAA games industry. You can pick a major release at random and there’s a god chance that they’ll have a season pass. Although there are exceptions to this, such as the upcoming Mass Effect Andromeda. It will be bucking the trend and not have a season pass.

Aaryn Flynn, the Bioware general manager, directly confirmed this over Twitter. This is not the first time that an EA game has taken such an approach. Titanfall 2 rather famously announced that all of its post launch DLC would be free. As such, it rendered a season pass impossible for the game. Although a lack of a season pass is not the same as saying there will be no DLC however. Flynn did mention that there would be DLC for Mass Effect Andromeda, just that Bioware would be talking about it later.

However, this does not mean that Mass Effect Andromeda will be free of controversial business practices. Pre-order bonuses for Mass Effect Andromeda are running rampant. The Standard Edition ($59.99) comes with the Space Explorer Armor, a Nomad skin, and five experiences boosters for multiplayer. The Deluxe Edition ($69.99) is even more out of control. It adds a Pathfinder Casual Outfit, a Pathfinder Elite Weapon Set, Scavenger armor, a pet Pyjak, the game soundtrack, and a pack of equipment for multiplayer. And the Super Deluxe Edition ($99.99), adds a weekly premium multiplayer pack for 20. Any good will Bioware earns with a lack of a season pass may very well be burned by all this.