Breakthrough transport in China: Hydrogen-powered tram

China unveiled yesterday a completely new technology they have developed, or rather employed, in transportation by creating the world’s first hydrogen-powered tram. Hydrogen-powered vehicles are taking hold of the transportation industry ever since Toyota announced their Mirai car and made their patents publicly available. China has picked up the technology, although we can’t say for sure if they made use of the Toyota hydrogen fuel cell patents. China is one of the most polluted, if not the most polluted, countries and adopting such a green technology would mean a step forward for the climate and the overall feeling of citizens.

China stepping into hydrogen-powered technology is new, but the country has been constantly trying to improve the way in which it generates energy, by using solar panels and wind power in order to manage power generation across factories and plants. With the announcement of the world’s first hydrogen-powered tram, China is definitely heading towards a cleaner, healthier future. A ubsidiary of the China South Rail Corporation called Sifang has come up with the design for the hydrogen-powered tram and have been working on making the vehicles operational for the past two years. Last week they managed to finally produce them, but there’s no information available about when these trams will be put to good use across the country.

By using hydrogen-powered trams to replace rudimentary urban transport such as buses and rails, China could cut down on emissions considerably because the technology emits absolutely no harmful substances into the atmosphere. Although it is one of the many steps the country has to take in order to restore its climate to a normal, healthy state, it is a considerable move forward and sets a good example for the world. With the adoption of hydrogen-powered trams, other countries could also revolutionize the way in which we approach public transportation across the world.