Comparison of Online Payment Methods for Gamers

When we play online, we have a range of payment methods at our disposal. While many games don’t require you to buy anything, games with micro-transactions and paid services must give their players a variety of payment methods.

In terms of global payment methods, using a credit or debit card is still the most popular. Many players feel comfortable in using these on a variety of sites and don’t feel that they need any further security. With instances of online fraud on the rise, it’s ever more important to make sure that this kind of additional protection is in place.

The biggest alternate payment method on the market is PayPal. This is used in just about every online payment based sector, including gaming. This payment method comes with the fraud protection that makes a lot of gamers feel more comfortable with their payments. This is good for the merchant too, as they can encourage players to spend more and more often.

With gaming services that rely on micro transactions or deposits, such as online gambling games, making things easier for the player is what it’s all about. With methods like PayPal, players find it much more convenient to make payments. They don’t need their payment method to hand and all they need is a username and password. On some devices, they can just use their fingerprints to make that deposit.

The rise in convenience payments can be seen especially in the gambling sector. Right now, mobile bingo pay with phone bill is very popular. Bingo sites have used these payment methods to entice new players to come online and deposit quickly. The smoother and faster the process is, the more likely they will be to do just that.

With mobile payments, players often don’t even need to leave the game to add in credits. For mobile games, this means that players are less likely to leave, not complete the process and not come back to the game. While keeping them interested in the game and allowing them to authorize the payment quickly, they are more likely to spend and play for longer.