Frequent Travellers: Meet these Future Travel Bags That You Can’t Resist

Travelling is much more fun when it is organised. Every person with a kind of wanderlust will vouch for it. These bags are determined to make your travels easier with their futuristic features. All of them are so amazing that it will be difficult for you to pick just one!

Ever wanted to have a robotic partner for your travels that can also carry your luggage? Travelmate is the first travel bag to be fully automatic, you can store your stuff in it and it will just follow you around! Travelmate even walks in style. It can walk vertically and horizontally and will match to your speed automatically! You can control it using its own smartphone app.

If you dream of a full-fledged travel bag that will also let you use it as a seat, congratulations, you just found your best bet. Modobag is a complete travel solution that includes dual USB charging, GPS tracking and the feature for individual carriage. Modobag can handle riders of maximum 200 lbs, while Modobag Max can handle 260 lbs. You can work from airport and anywhere or else can play games like battlefield, online Indian rummy or else read your favourite book etc.

Have you ever thought that your bag just doesn’t have enough space for all of your stuff? If you are a heavy traveller, you need Week Bender Travel Bag. Made of ballistic nylon and lining of polyester, this bag is a combo of garment and duffel bag. Since it is weather resistant, you can carry it at anytime and is best suited for your personal and business trips!

Slicks Travel Backpack is rightly regarded as “The Swiss Army Knife of Backpacks”. No matter what kind of trip you are going on, Slicks travel bag keeps you prepared for work, play and travel! It is a fantastic modular backpack that can hold so much of your stuff while letting you carry it in different styles!

Going for a business-cum-leisure trip this weekend? KP duffle can make your travels considerably easier. It is a bag with a bright interior, with efficient mesh pockets where you can keep your ties or socks. It has separate sections for things like your shoes, your chargers and cables too. It ensures a much more organised travel experience!


Why bother with boring bags while can you can have smart ones with perfect space management? So many fabulous choices! Which one are you picking?