The Impact of VR on the World of Gaming

Virtual reality is an artificial, simulated environment wherein objects appear in 3D form and can be interacted with, much like in real life. Using VR technologies, advanced VR devices, and ground-breaking creativity, content creators have changed the future course for entertainment, particularly in terms of gaming. Though the idea of looking at a simulated world through odd head mounted glasses seemed odd a few years back, virtual reality has gone mainstream already today. It’s estimated that the size of the VR industry will be close to $120 billion by 2020. A huge chunk of this revenue is attributed to the VR gaming market. If you have a VR headset, all you need is a VR game to start experiencing the power of this amazing new world of gaming. Before you experience it though, let’s tell you more about how VR is changing the world of gaming.

Rendering Gaming Experiences In Whole New Environments

VR gaming is a lot more than life-like gaming experiences. With virtual reality technology, gaming is elevated to the next level. That’s because it gives gamers the option to experience their gaming in environments that game developers will never experiment with otherwise.

Take for example, mobile casino games, for instance. No gaming developer would experiment with, for instance, a casino game from Netent Casino with the rendering environment of a beach or underground garage. However, with VR, there’s every reason for developers to raise their creativity to new levels.

It’s hardly a surprise, then, that you already have exciting VR mobile casino games. This is just an example though; all you need is to look in app stores, and you will get exposed to a world of amazing VR games. The Lab, Rec Room, To The Top, Fantastic Contraption, Autoshield, I Expect You To Die, Minecraft, Edge of Nowhere – the list is endless.

Revisiting Old Favourites in Their VR Avatars

If you’ve been into computer gaming since the good old 1990s, you’d know how hard it is to let go of the classics such as Dave, Mario, Wolfenstein, Solitaire, and Minecraft. Of course, you can play most of these games today, with upgraded experiences and interfaces. However, to truly be motivated to start your gaming love life afresh with these classics, you need their VR avatars to win you over. With Minecraft (available on Oculus Store) in VR, for instance, you not only get the nostalgia rush, but also get to experience the fun of being trapped in the netherworld, with your diamond sword to kill the bad ones!

A New World of Synergic and Collaborative Gaming

Of course, multiplayer games have been around for long now. However, VR games open up the gates to whole new worlds of opportunities for collaborative gaming. For instance, there are already games built on the idea of engaging multiple players, where each of the have to communicate with the other in the context of their virtual environment. Only by piecing together the complete environment can the players advance to the next stage! This is just the beginning of how VR gaming could be creating memorable social experiences among gaming teams.

More Trends From the VR Gaming Space

The future surely is exciting for VR games. Among the major trends we are likely to witness, the primary one is the reduction in price and enhancement in quality of VR headsets, particularly the ones attuned to VR gaming. Currently, there is an undeniable sense of caution with which VR headsets are used, particularly because of concerns around the onset of symptoms of motion sickness. Samsung Gear VR’s disclaimer clearly advises users to stop using the headset if they experience symptoms of motion sickness (loss of vision, eye strain, nausea, etc.). Also, another important trend that has the power of shaping the future of the market is the collaboration of content producers with game developers.

Concluding Remarks

Video games can catalyse the human capability for creativity, intelligence, and innovation. VR powered gaming can take things a step further. The leading game developers of the world are raising the bar every day, creating new concepts, themes, and ideas. Try out some VR powered games today to experience the thrill and excitement.