CS: GO Portal and Case Opening

The legacy of Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike 1.6 is alive and it is one of the most played Steam games in the world. There are probably some of us that remember the crazy LAN parties we used to have when we would only play Counter-Strike, and sometimes even hold mini-tournaments.

Moreover, we could experience those tournaments if we headed to our local café, as well. It was one of the most popular games back in the day, and its successor, CS: GO is one of the most popular games nowadays – so we can say that the Counter-Strike franchise has aged pretty well.

The World of CS: GO

Back then, there was little to no statistics about certain players that used to play on a server – moreover, everybody seemed to be playing the game only for fun. Of course, it didn’t take a long time until we saw the first Counter-Strike professionals.

This meant that the game was more than just a game; it was a competition of skill, tenacity, and speed. And these three elements are at the base of the competitive CS: GO stages nowadays – including positioning and strategy, of course.

It also didn’t take a long time for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to become a well-known eSport since the game is one of the very few first-person shooters that can be seen played on the huge stadiums every year.

Betting and Case Opening

It was only natural that CS: GO players had something else to do besides playing the main game. Side activities keep the player base engaged and active, while also offering it the chance to win some money.

First of all, we have the skins that one may win while playing the game and opening some cases. These cases can be opened in-game or via a certain website, such as http://csbet.gg. Once you have a skin or your account, you can use it in-game and show off to your friends, or you can plan a strategy for selling it at a very high price, especially if it is a rare one.

As for betting, things are much simpler – you pick your favorite team and your favorite player and just place some bets. On the CSbet.gg website you can place the bets as you are watching the game live stream as well so that you don’t have to keep multiple browser tabs open and switch between them.

What Can You Expect from CSbet.gg?

Well, first of all, we have a wide selection of custom-made cases, ready for you to open them. There are currently around 26 different cases options for you to choose from, each one of them catered to what players might need the most – a butterfly or karambit knife, or just a skin for their AWP.

In terms of betting, as mentioned before, you can watch the live stream as you browse around different teams, players, and odds for different matches. You can see a list of future games and events so that you’ll always be ready to place your first successful bet!

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