3 Types of Mini-Games that you are likely to find in Video Games

Video games continue to excite and innovate. One of the best features about video games is the mini-games that are contained within their universe. These minigames can offer something separate and unique away from the main gaming experience. These minigames can also become highly addicting to their relatively simple gameplay. In some video games, they are merely a side thought, whereas in others there is a high level of attention paid to them to make them incredibly immersive. We will explore the three main types of minigames that you are likely to encounter whilst playing video games.



The roulette is a fun minigame that is present in many video games. One popular game that utilizes the roulette is super Mario world 2: Yoshi’s Island. It allows players to bet their ‘lives’ from the main video game into the roulette. Rather than offering a typical roulette layout, there is instead numbers and mathematical signs that will add to an equation. The result of the equation will determine how many lives the player wins from the wager. This minigame shows how classic casino games can be altered to better reflect upon the main video game. The Grand Theft Auto series offers a more classic roulette experience. The minigame features a lifelike roulette table with similar rules to the real-life game. It is highly immersive and provides a fun way to gamble on the cash in the video game. If you fancy taking this fun to a higher level, you can visit roulettesites.org to have a look at some of the latest and greatest roulette games.




One of the most popular mini-games that could find in a video game is poker. This classic card game has always been very popular, and creators have realised that they can add a touch of class by including this mini-game. Poker is a game of luck but it also very skill based which makes the inclusion of this mini-game a real treat when gamers need to step away from the main action. Minigames usually have 5-card draw poker, or texas hold em. Some video games have an array of cash games and tournaments. An example is Red Dead Redemption which has an amazingly immersive poker mini-game. The version in red dead redemption even allows the character to ‘cheat’ which adds a special edge to the game. The game also has a multiplayer mode which allows you to play the poker minigame with your friends. There is usually a range of difficulty levels available which makes the poker minigame suitable for those who are new to the game and also those have a fair bit of experience. The minigames also usually have trophies or prizes when a player achieves specific victories in the game. This allows them to keep track and makes the mini-game worth playing for an extended period of time. There can be special achievements available as a result of winning a tournament which translates into the main video game.



Another highly popular minigame that you can expect to find within video games is the highly popular casino card game, Blackjack. It is also referred to as ‘21′. The aim is to beat the dealer by either getting ‘21′ or getting a higher score than the dealer which is lower than 21. One of the most popular games to include this minigame is Final Fantasy IX. It features a fully loaded blackjack game once the main game has been beaten. The game begins with a bankroll of a 1000 and the images of the joker, jack, queen and king use characters from the game itself. This is a nice touch, and it shows how minigames can be adapted to reference the main game. The gameplay itself is simplistic but fun. Blackjack is fairly easy to learn and understand which makes it a suitable minigame for most players. Another game to feature blackjack is the classic Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas which was re-released in a remastered update. The game includes a fully immersive blackjack minigame. It plays just like it would in a casino, apart from the fact there was no splitting. The player can stake the money they have from the main game and doing well in the minigame increases their “gambling” level within the game. This shows how minigames can be closely linked to the main action. Blackjack is easy to learn and very fun to play.



Mini Games provide a welcome distraction from the packed experience of the main game. In recent years, minigames have become highly developed and fleshed out. In a way, there are more like their own games due to the features and highly immersive gaming that they provide. You are likely to stumble into at least one of these three types of minigames in your video game experience.


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