Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Waluigi DLC – Is It Happening?

Last year saw the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the first installment of the series on Switch and a game many consider to be the best of the entire franchise. The game literally has every character that the series has ever offered, and is adding more via post-launch DLC. While we’ve already gotten a few DLC characters, many are still wondering about the prospects of Waluigi getting the nod.

Despite Waluigi being something of an afterthought in the Mario character roster, over the years he has become more and more of a beloved character. Making an appearance in almost all of the Mario sports titles and being a playable character in the Mario Kart series for years, it would make sense that he would also be playable in Smash Bros.

However, for whatever reason the beloved character has been sidelined, appearing as nothing more than assist trophy in the game. When the game’s roster was originally announced there were many people who voiced their feelings about Waluigi not being included, which the developers did their best to dodge. Still, despite not being happy about the character not being included, many are still holding out hope that he will be added as DLC.

The game’s fighter pass is set to include 5 DLC characters in total, and three of them have already been revealed. So far we have received Persona 5’s Joker and Dragon Quest’s Hero, with Banjo Kazooie set to appear later this year. This leaves two characters left that still haven’t been confirmed, though there have been some rumors suggesting who they might end up being. One such rumor (via Comic Book) claims that the next character will be Frisk from Undertale, with Nintendo saving the final slot for their very own Waluigi.

While just a rumor at this point, there have been plenty of leaks in the past that have turned out to be true. Considering the huge fan-backing for Waluigi to be added to the game, it would make perfect sense for the company to give the fans what they want. Seeing as literally every other character (plus more) is in the game at this point, is it really so much to ask to give Waluigi the nod?