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The barrier to entry for learning piano is sometimes too daunting for some people, as they don’t have the resources or time to make it work. Learning the piano typically means that you have to sign up for lessons, and you have to meet with someone every week and perform tedious drills. The instructor can also sometimes not be the most pleasant or patient, making this process even worse.

Luckily, there are many more options available to you now, with there being tons of online instructors or tutorials for you to choose from. However, in terms of taking you through the process step-by-step, Skoove’s online piano lessons are simply in a league of their own. This app makes sure you have all the bases covered, from how to sit at the piano properly and the best starting position for your hands when going to play.

What makes learning how to play the piano with Skoove so much better when compared to more traditional methods is the fact that you can learn at your own pace. Where an instructor restricts you to a certain time and place each week to learn, with Skoove you can learn literally whenever you want to. You could learn 10 times as much material than you could from an instructor in one week if you wanted to, or you can just practice for 10 minutes here and there whenever the urge strikes. This app is very adaptable, and is the perfect way to ease you into playing the piano.

You also have the added benefit of not having an instructor breathing over your shoulder while you learn. This can be very intimidating for some people, causing them to make more errors than they would otherwise and maybe even quit the lessons altogether. With Skoove you move things at your own pace, as you can spend more time on the parts you find more difficult and less time on the parts you find easy. You are your own instructor, which gives you tons of freedom to truly immerse yourself in the piano-playing experience.

While you may think not having a teacher around would be bad for not being able to point out mistakes, Skoove knows exactly what you’re playing and when you’re hitting the wrong keys. This means that at the end of each song you will know exactly where your were struggling and which parts you need to focus on. Skoove’s progress bar will also give you the motivation to keep improving without the pressure of having to perform for an instructor.

Whether your’re a newcomer who has been meaning to get into piano or someone who has been playing for a while, Skoove is a service that is well worth checking out. It can offer you more opportunities to improve your piano skills than a live instructor can, while giving you the feedback you need to ensure that you actually get better. All you need to do is sign up and watch your piano skills improve.

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