Back To The Future Funko Pops – Design, Prices, Release Dates

Funko Pops have become the most popular toy collectibles around, adapting countless popular media into cute little collectibles. Now it’s time for another huge franchise from the 80s to get the treatment, as there is a lineup of Back to the Future Funko Pops in the works. These figures are set to launch this Summer, and feature its most iconic characters in various outfits.

Amazon has recently published numerous product pages for upcoming Funko Pops based on the Robert Zemeckis series, revealing things like the designs, prices and release dates. The following are links to each respective page for the toys:

Each of these figures stand 3 3/4 inches tall, except for the Doc with Clock Tower figure that stands 5 inches tall. The prices are also all currently set for $10.99, except for the Doc with Clock Tower figure that is set for $32.99. Keep in mind that Amazon prices do tend to fluctuate, as the prices will likely increase and decrease as we get closer to their release. Pre-orders are also live, and you’re guaranteed to get the lowest price if the price does drop after you pre-order.

Lastly, all of these Funko Pops are set to be released on July 1st. Be sure to check out each one via the links above to get a look at each design