The Elden Ring DLC’s Story Has a Few Clearly Stated Directions

There are a few possibilities that FromSoftware might look into soon, as it feels as though Elden Ring DLC will be announced when it is, not if.

Back in February 2022, Elden Ring was published to raving reviews and a fantastic response from the larger gaming community. Many players have taken it upon themselves to travel to Leyndell and seize Elden Lord’s throne after rising up as the lowly Tarnished. Numerous players who have since completed one of the game’s numerous endings are looking for other ways to pass the time in the Lands Between, despite the fact that Elden Ring’s vast world contains hundreds of hours of content.

Although there are many different builds that can be used to play through Elden Ring and drastically alter the gameplay, once a player has heard Godrick’s final words 100 times or defeated Malenia as a level 1 Wretch, adding new content may be the best option for keeping the game interesting. Internet rumors about Elden Ring’s DLC are already rampant, with many pointing to the game’s enigmatic coliseums as a potential location for some new PvP content. It is highly unlikely that Elden Ring’s DLC won’t contain something to expand on the world and story of the base game if this is the case and the DLC does have a PvP focus. Given the history of FromSoftware’s DLCs, it seems likely that Elden will have a backstory.

What the Leaks Say About the DLC for Elden Ring

The patch 1.07 by Elden Ring revealed a ton of potential details regarding the game’s next content. As previously mentioned, a significant portion of the game files discovered by renowned dataminer Sekiro Dubi seems to be focused on the coliseums dispersed across Elden Ring. Without bugs or mods, these coliseums are inaccessible in Elden Ring, but given their size, many fans assume that these buildings can’t just be there for show and must serve some sort of function.

This goal seems to be to enable some larger PvP venues in Elden Ring, something that many players have long desired. But if the only goal of these coliseums is to boost PvP, it doesn’t reveal much to players about the DLC’s narrative. Although keeping additional content focused on these three coliseums wouldn’t really be in the spirit of Elden Ring’s game design, which has the Tarnished travel across a variety of different landscapes, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea if it revolved around the player becoming the greatest champion by competing in these massive arenas.

The Great Jar from Elden Ring, which guards the coliseum in Caelid and has three summon signs in front of it so the player can defeat invaders, is something that has been talked about a lot online. Some have speculated that future Elden Ring content may explore the story of the Jars in light of the unknown, enormous character’s existence. Given the importance Alexander the Warrior Jar places on growing stronger, it’s possible that Elden Ring’s DLC will make use of the coliseums to help the player gain strength while also illuminating why the Jars place such a high value on becoming excellent warriors.

This does seem like a reach, though, and Elden Ring’s DLC has the ability to tackle a number of different topics within its narrative. The earliest rumored leak on the supplemental material said that Elden Ring’s DLC was titled “Barbarians of the Badlands.” Even though this has already been identified as a fake, it is still possible that Elden Ring would eventually settle in the Badlands. The Badlands may present even bigger obstacles in PvE outside of the testing the Lands Between offer if the coliseums actually let players to prove themselves against others in PvP.