It Appears That Tactics Ogre On Switch Supports Mouse And Keyboard Controls

Tactics Ogre: Reborn was released by Square Enix this week on the Nintendo Switch and a number of other platforms.

Here is another justification for you to play this game if you haven’t already. On the Nintendo Switch subreddit, user “solwhitehorn” noted that the game does, in fact, accept keyboard and mouse inputs.

So you may use this approach instead of using Joy-Cons or a Switch Pro Controller if you don’t feel like it:

“The keyboard shortcuts appearing in the configuration menu struck me as odd. Despite the lack of instructions on the package, you may play the game just as on a PC by connecting in a USB mouse and keyboard. In addition, I tested a USB dongle for a wireless Dell keyboard and mouse set, and it functions without a hitch.”

Unexpectedly, the Nintendo Switch has previously been able to manipulate keyboard and mouse inputs. This control mechanism was also made available in Quake earlier this year by id Software and Bethesda: