Tekken 8 is scheduled to launch in fiscal year 2023, however it could happen sooner

To the relief of many fans, Tekken 8 was finally announced a couple of months back with a tantalising teaser trailer. Showing Jin and Kazuya duking it out with mightily impressive Unreal 5 visuals, the game leaves a good first impression. We’ve been told simply to “stay tuned” regarding more info, but it looks as though we could be in for a bit of a wait for the launch itself.

We weren’t expecting it all that soon, to be fair, but Bandai Namco has provided a clearer picture of when it’s coming. As reported by Insider Gaming, the publisher answered a question about its upcoming slate of releases during its latest earnings call. It stated its aim is to release Tekken 8 “in fiscal 2023 or later”.

Fiscal 2023 would mean between March 2023 and April 2024. By the sound of it, the game will veer to the latter end of that spectrum, or could even release later than that. We’ll have to sit tight for now, then — it could be a little while before we get to play it ourselves.

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