The PS5 file size for Need for Speed Unbound leaves plenty of space in the garage

With numerous major blockbusters debuting at the start of December, this year is ending in style. Need for Speed Unbound, the most recent attempt to revive the arcade racer, is one of them. The game looks great and we won’t have to wait long to give it a try. It has a ton of spectacular effects and a brand-new city to burn down.

You might be curious how much room the open world racer will take up on your PS5’s priceless SSD given that the EA Play 10-hour trial launches tomorrow, November 29, 2022. The good news is that, at just under 30GB, it’s relatively small:

These days, that’s on the small side when it comes to AAA titles. Players have grown accustomed to expecting the most popular games to consume between 60 and 100GB of storage. Thankfully, the racing game from Criterion favors compact cars over monster trucks.

Are you going to use the early access trial tomorrow or are you going to wait until December 2nd? Are you eager to get in the driver’s seat?