Dead Space PS5 Appears to Be a Stunning Remake

IGN has published the first 18 minutes of gameplay from EA’s upcoming Dead Space remake, and it already looks like a significant improvement over the PS3 original. Even though this opening is largely the same as the one from 2008, devoted viewers will notice a few small changes. For instance, the main character Isaac spends a few seconds building the Plasma Cutter rather than just grabbing it off a workbench.

Here are the first 18 minutes of the remake, which IGN published in 4K with 60 fps:

Here is some video from the PS3 original if you wanted something to compare it to. As you can see, it is essentially the same in terms of encounters and level design, but on current hardware, it looks amazing:

Other changes to the final game, like full control during the zero-gravity sequences, will significantly alter the gameplay’s overall flow. However, it seems that while maintaining the original’s spirit and atmosphere, this is making all the necessary adjustments. Unbelievably, it will be released the following month, and we are eager to test it out.