Retro Goal Scores: Free Update Adds “Global Championship Mode”

New Star Games has revealed that Retro Goal, their arcade-inspired soccer simulator, will follow suit when the World Cup heats up.

Retro Goal will begin today with a new tournament-based game mode, the company has revealed (13th December). Additionally, this expansion is totally free! This new “Global Championship” option is exactly what it says on the tin as you will be taking control of one of 32 different national teams in an effort to lead them all the way to the trophy, much like the World Cup itself.

This week, the Global Championship mode began playing on the game’s mobile platform; it has since been awaiting Nintendo’s approval. Now that Switch has arrived, we can see what a global competition would look like with England pushing things a little bit further.

There is no way to escape the football craze until you have led all teams to the top, and there are a new set of accomplishments in the update as well. We enjoyed the base game a lot and gave it an 8/10 in our review, so we are eager to see what this new configuration will bring.