Nintendo Switch Will Get Two New Side-Scrolling Action Platform Games In 2023

Today, publisher PID Games revealed its intentions to release two fresh action-platformers in 2023 for the Nintendo Switch and a number of other platforms.

First up is Domesticated Ant Games’ Gravity Circuit, a “flashy” action-packed 2D platformer that takes cues from vintage favorites. The final line of defense for the world is a hero by the name of Kai, whom players control. Numerous combos and maneuvers, new power-ups to discover, and a single-player campaign with 12 stages are a some of the game’s standout features.

Elypse by Hot Chili Games is up next. With the character designs and artwork, we’re somewhat of reminded of Hollow Knight. In this one, players are entrusted with escaping after being dropped into the Abyss, “a place venerated as it is feared.” Platforming and action are combined in the game over a dangerous and trap-filled landscape. There are many things to discover along the route as well as skills and abilities to unlock.

Both of these titles will be arriving at some point in 2023 on the Nintendo Switch


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