Here Is A Sneak Peek Inside Universal Hollywood’s Super Nintendo World

The debut of Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios in Hollywood is just over a month away. Despite the fact that the theme park won’t be accessible to the general public until February 17, 2023, a select group of media professionals and fans of amusement parks have been granted access and have posted exclusive video of the rides.

One of the select few who got a sneak peek at the park before it opened next month was the theme park YouTube channel MiceChat. Additionally, the channel has released about two minutes of video from its tour. For those of you who don’t want to view the theme park before it opens or before you can visit yourself, consider this a spoiler warning. We’ve put the video (along with another impressions piece) further down.

The short video from the theme park enthusiast channel was gushing with compliments, calling the Toadstool Cafe “wonderful” and the merchandise store “excellent.” Numerous Mario titles, including Super Mario Sunshine and the Mario Party series, are honored with sculptures, decorations, and references. Of course, we are all aware of the Mario Kart ride, but in this scene, we have a glance of some of the area’s d├ęcor, including some stylish-looking racing costumes.

See MiceChat’s most current video about the park down below. The channel also includes another video about their trip; however, the one below is more recent, though you can still view the earlier one here.

There are more YouTube channels than MiceChat that post images and video taken within Super Nintendo World. The new park was also explored by Attractions Magazine, which published some incredibly thorough impressions on their website along with some amazing images of everything from Mechakoopa to Bowser’s throne.

The Magazine also had nothing but positive things to say about their exclusive trip to the park, describing themselves as “lifelong Nintendo fans” and observing that “the emphasis here seems to be on play and exploration, and that to me has always been what both video games and theme parks are all about.”

Check out the video below from Attractions Magazine, which includes a ton of still images and detailed narration on what they observed at the park. To say that we are eager to depart is an understatement.