After the PS5 demo, Forspoken still divides opinion

Forspoken’s launch later this month might be a little bumpy, and that much is obvious. The Square Enix action RPG has undoubtedly experienced marketing ups and downs, and now that a playable demo for it has been made available on the PS5 since December of last year, opinions seem to be split more than before.

As an illustration, the recently released new trailer for the movie has received more dislikes than likes on YouTube (as per findings from PlayStation LifeStyle). Of course, optional YouTube analytics will never provide the full picture, but they can (and frequently do) provide us with a peek into the preferences of the general population.

It goes without saying that Forspoken’s marketing has faced criticism before. A social media ad last year that featured the protagonist Frey’s narration ended up turning into a meme. The entire “so let me get things straight” act, you know.
And the aforementioned demo hasn’t really helped, according to the countless, numerous takes we’ve seen online. While some believe it’s great and that the entire game will probably be significantly improved, others believe it’s a concerning look at a problematic release. The demo is clearly ragged around the edges, even if we don’t think it does a very good job of introducing the game’s numerous concepts.

As always, we advise everyone not to pass judgment on a game too quickly before it is actually launched, but Forspoken seems to be a game that will divide people’s perspectives. It will be fascinating to watch how it is received.

What do you think about Forspoken? How much did the demo influence you?