The Adorable and Annoying Toad’s Voice at Super Nintendo World

In preparation for its full opening on February 17, Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood is currently open for technical trials. As a result, information about the park is now starting to circulate online.

The one and only Toad, who has chosen to enter the world of gastronomy as the Head Chef of Toadstool Café, is featured in one video that has captured our attention. In the clip, Toad greets visitors to the café and encourages them to take a load off, unwind, and savor some delectable fare. Look it over:

The results are, um, mixed. It’s one of the few times a Mario character has received complete voice acting. Toad certainly has a cute voice, but we can see how repeated exposure to his solemn intonation may grow tiresome.

Even still, it’s an intriguing look at how the Mario universe might truly sound with voice acting present, and we’d really like to see this in action in a future Mario game. The Super Mario Bros. Movie, set to debut on April 7, 2023, is the closest thing we’re likely to have in the near future.