Use Free Hogwarts Legacy PS5 Avatars to Show Off Your Favorite Harry Potter House!

Do you want to publicly proclaim to all of your PS5 friends how dedicated you are to Hufflepuff? Thanks to the Hogwarts Legacy House Cup on, you can now. You log into your PSN account and proceed through a series of fairly simple tasks in this interactive experience to unlock avatars and enter a drawing for the Hogwarts Legacy Collector’s Edition and a brand-new PS5 console.

House Crests, Magical Beasts, and even the Sorting Hat are represented in the avatars. Picking your favorite house and completing quests like watching trailers and responding to simple trivia questions are all that’s really required. Each set of tasks that are completed unlocks a collection of avatars that can be purchased from the PS Store and displayed on your PSN profile.
You can access our Hogwarts Legacy guide through the link if you’re interested in learning more about the popular Harry Potter video game from Warner Bros. You should also read our Hogwarts Legacy review if you’re still unsure whether to buy the book.