Splatoon 3’s Kraken Returns

Splatoon 3 brings back an original Special Weapon. The Kraken’s back. Fresh Season 2023 begins on March 1 with the popular weapon.

The Japanese Splatoon Twitter account shared clips of the returning favorite, which fans love, but this beast of a weapon is also bringing back painful memories from Splatoon Wii U. Nintendo UK has named it Kraken Royale.

The weapon has changed since the original game. In the clip below, it takes two hits to kill the enemy Inkling, suggesting it is weaker. According to the footage, The Kraken will be easier to push back and have a new charge attack that kills instantly.

Even with the changes, The Kraken’s reveal has made waves in the community and at NL towers—what mayhem can we cause with this returning start? We’ll know soon.

Splatoon’s Kraken—remember? Fresh Season 2023—excited?