This year, Pokémon Sleep can help you sleep

Pokémon Sleep, a new sleep tracking app, was revealed at today’s Pokémon Presents presentation.

Pokémon Sleep records your sleep quality for study. By sleeping with your phone next to you, the app will measure your stages of napping, snoozing, and slumbering and display different Pokémon based on how well you sleep.

It’s a bizarre idea. The stances of various mon will reveal your morning sleeping habits.

This appears to be a sleep tracking app first and a Pokémon “game” second. Some sleep postures are rarer than others.

The Pokémon GO Plus Plus device—cute name, right?—will use the app. The autocatcher and sleep monitor can tell the app when you fall asleep and wake up. It can even play a lullaby with Pikachu’s disembodied voice (because that’s not weird).

Here’s the device’s full trailer:

Pokémon Sleep’s release date is now “Summer 2023,” but we expect it to be confirmed soon.