The action role-playing game Trinity Trigger will come out in Europe and Australia in May

We were sad to see the Western release of action RPG Trinity Trigger get pushed back six months after its debut in Japan last year. We still have a long way to go before we can play the ’90s-inspired adventure, but publisher Marvelous Europe has now given us a Switch release date of May 16, 2023. (in Europe and Australia, at least).

A group of well-known figures in the RPG industry created FuRyu.We have Yuki Nobuteru, who worked on “Trials of Mana,” Raita Kazama, who worked on “Xenoblade Chronicles,” Yura Kubota, who worked on “Octopath Traveler,” and even Hiroki Kikuta, who wrote the music for “Octopath Traveler” (Secret of Mana, Trials of Mana). With this kind of experience, we’ve always thought this game was one to keep an eye on.

The initial reviews of the game when it first came out in Japan demonstrated this.Famitsu gave it an impressive 31/40.

If you missed the game’s release last year, check out the summary and screenshots from Marvelous Europe below:

Trinity Trigger is an all-new action role-playing game combining the look and feel of iconic RPGs of the ‘90s with an emphasis on fast-paced, customizable combat. Players take control of three young heroes as they attempt to defy fate and save the continent of Trinitia. Accompanying them are the Triggers, strange creatures with the unique ability to transform into eight types of weapons that players must master if they hope to be successful on their quest. Whether playing alone or with up to two friends via local co-op, explore diverse biomes and dungeons, strategize to exploit enemy weaknesses, and change your destiny!