ARK: Survival Evolved won’t have an upgrade path for current owners when it launches on the PS5 in August

Update:There won’t be an upgrade path for current owners of ARK: Survival Evolved to ARK: Survival Ascended, a Studio Wildcard representative has confirmed to us. We were informed that ARK: Survival Ascended does not have an upgrade path because it is designed for next-generation consoles.

Original Article: As part of a complex roadmap for the dino survival series, ARK: Survival Evolved will be shut down on PS4 in August and support will switch to a remastered PS5 version called ARK: Survival Ascended. The Island and Survival of the Fittest will be included in the re-release, which will run on Unreal Engine 5. Oddly enough, it doesn’t appear that there will be an upgrade path for current owners. Even if you’ve played the original version for a long time, the new version will cost you $39.99.

The pricing structure as a whole is a bit confusing. Developer Studio Wildcard is offering a bundle on Microsoft’s platform that includes both ARK: Survival Ascended and its sequel for $49.99. As you may already be aware, sequel ARK II appears to be going to be a console exclusive on Xbox Series X|S. Although PS5 owners will pay $10 less overall, getting the sequel included is probably a better deal. However, that has been put off until 2024.

Since expansion packs for the remastered version will also be sold separately, the Explorer’s Pass, which includes Scorched Earth, Aberration, and Extinction, will cost $19.99. The Genesis Pass, which includes both installments of the Genesis storyline, will then cost you an additional $19.99. Once more, there is absolutely no information regarding these being discounted for PS4 owners who have already purchased them. We’ll ask the developer about it.

To be fair, the remaster promises some pretty substantial enhancements, including dynamic weather, interactive foliage, and cross-platform multiplayer. The developer is also including a ton of enhancements to the gameplay and user interface. Although it makes sense, we find it difficult to accept the developer’s plan to discontinue the game’s first console iteration and then demand that players repurchase it. That certainly doesn’t feel right to us!