The First Switch Update for Have a Lovely Death Is Here, and So Are the Complete Patch Notes

Gearbox Publishing SF has revealed the first update for Switch versions of their horrific roguelite Have A Lovely Death.

This first patch fixes a few minor issues, but it seems like the main focus was on making the game load faster. Several problems and errors have been fixed, as have some invisible attacks, and some level layouts have been tweaked slightly.

The publisher posted the patch notes for the update on the game’s official website, and they are available here:

Enjoy Your Hotfix to the Death Switch (Updated 3rd April, 2023)

IMPROVEMENTS – Less noticeable freezes at the conclusion of loading between levels, and less performance concerns at the beginning of a level (used to have poor performances a few seconds after the player spawn on some levels)
– Rearranged bundles (eliminated unnecessary references) to cut down build size from 2gb to 1.5gb and cut down on average loading times for levels by 10%.

FIXES – The final hidden boss in Department of Inevitable Time might be accessed by players when they shouldn’t have been able to.
After plugging in a new controller for the first time, players were unable to reassign the inputs.
– Slight adjustments to the level layouts of all regions.
It’s possible that players won’t be able to continue their run after dying and seeing the game over screen again (with pause menu).
– A combat involving two Tempus in the same arena may cause a game crash (Department of Inevitable Time).
The invisible strike of the Time Overlord.
– Added Logos to the game at the beginning after an issue with the curse “Iranima” prevented him from doing so.

Despite the game’s performance troubles, we had a fantastic time playing Have a Lovely Death and said that “the severe challenge, inventive theming, and exciting combat all combine to make this a memorable and enjoyable experience.” Here’s hope the update can begin fixing these issues and making the game more enjoyable overall.