Digital Foundry Calls 120 FPS Modes in Gran Turismo 7 “Game-Changers”

In case you missed it, Gran Turismo 7’s recent update added several graphic settings that boost PS5 frame rate. The driving game now supports 120fps and VRR after the upgrade. How are these new options? Digital Foundry says they’re great.

DF’s Oliver Mackenzie describes GT7’s four new graphics options in this video and article. For suitable displays, the game can output:

  • Resolution mode at 120Hz
  • Resolution mode at 120Hz + VRR
  • Frame-rate mode at 120Hz
  • Frame-rate mode at 120Hz + VRR

Ignoring VRR, the 120Hz resolution option and frame rate mode offer near-locked 120fps during races, but performance falls during replays and potentially menus. It’s perfect for racing, though. Both techniques reduce 4K resolution to 1440p or 1260p.

The PS5’s VRR settings change these modes. VRR and frame-rate mode boost resolution to 1440p without affecting frame rate. According to Digital Foundry, VRR outputs 4K, however the frame rate drops below 120fps, ranging from 70 to 100 throughout gameplay.

If you have the correct kit, these new options are mostly good and let you enjoy a lovely game with smoother performance.